Do I Need A Coffee Table? How a Lift Top Coffee Table Revolutionize My Living Space

by ASPVO Home

Do you have a lift top coffee table at your place? I do, and let me tell you, it could be a game-changer for our living rooms.

You see, I’m a big fan of chilling on the couch, watching TV, and playing console games. So, my living room is pretty much my go-to spot. I’ve got these two super comfy sofas – one’s perfect for gaming, and the other’s just right for TV time, especially when I’m munching on my meals.

But here’s the thing, regular center tables are just too low. It’s a workout to bend down for every bite, and holding my plate all the time? No, thank you, my arm needs a break.

That’s when I discovered lift up coffee tables. They’re a lifesaver for folks like me. The top lifts up and comes right over my knees, making it super easy to eat while lounging on my sofa.

Are Lift-top Coffee Tables Worth It?

So, are lift-top coffee tables worth it? For me, it’s a big YES! It’s exactly what I needed, and hey, there are even some extra perks!

  • Coffee Table Brings Style

    A coffee table is the star of your living room. Sure, a design sofa makes it comfy, but the lift-up center table? That’s what brings the style. It’s the first thing people notice when they walk in. It’s like a sneak peek into your lifestyle.

wood block coffee table

Fig 1. Design coffee table shows your lifestyle

  • Coffee Table Has Storage

    My coffee table has a ton of space – no dividers, no fuss. I’ve seen some tables with sectioned storage, which can be a pain. They limit what you can put inside. I prefer one big space where I can toss in anything. Who needs everything in perfect order? I just need a place to stash my stuff.

lift top coffee table with storage

Fig 2. Lift-top Coffee Table with Sectional Storage

How My Coffee Table Changed My Living Room

Let’s talk about my coffee table, an ASPVO brown and white coffee table. I’m absolutely smitten with it.

  • The Design Goes with My Grey Couch

    The table features a clear wood tone on both the tabletop and legs, which provides a beautiful texture. This is contrasted with a modern wood block design. The style complements my gray and white living room perfectly.

  • Convinient Lift Top Converts to A Dining Table

    The lift-top is extremely convenient. It has a cutout handle that allows me to rise the tabletop from either side using just one hand. This eliminates the need to walk around to the other side when I need to access the storage.

  • Large Coffee Table Storage Space:

    The storage space is quite large, as I’ve mentioned before. Initially, I was concerned about dust and spills entering through the cutout handle. However, I’ve found it to be very practical as I can insert items into the storage without lifting the tabletop, simply by slipping them in through the cutout handle space.

brown and white lift top coffee table | aspvo home

Fig 3. ASPVO Wood Block Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

In the beginning I was drawn to the design of my lift top coffee table, but I had some concerns about its practicality. However, after using it for a month, I definitely adore it. It’s incredibly satisfying!

As for whether you need a lift top coffee table, well, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you’re someone who enjoys working and dining in the living room, or even if you only do so occasionally, I’d say go for it! It’s a worthwhile investment that offers great value for your money.

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